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Hornsbruksgatan 24

STK Stockholm


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Beskrivning av redaktionen

It’s quite hard to decide what we prefer at Linje Tio… The restaurant, the bar, the Sunday brunch? Or maybe the service : friendly, attentive… Perfect! Plus, the venue is cozy, airy and really welcoming. It’s decided: it’s the ideal place for a good Sunday brunch.
The menu is inspired by Italian, French and Spanish food traditions. Get ready for an excellent continental brunch!

On the menu :
- Oysters
- Cold cuts : ham, salami, porchetta, coppa…
- Sandwiches: New York (smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers), croissant dimanche (porchetta, egg, truffle, mayonnaise), squid fritti (fried baby squid, lettuce and saffron aioli)…
- Sides: French fries, Caesar salad, green salad…
- Other dishes: burrata mozzarella, grilled scarlet shrimps, smokey bacon and house sausage…
- Sweets: ice cream croissant, French toast, chocolate truffles…