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Surbrunnsgatan 31 A 11348

STK Stockholm


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Beskrivning av redaktionen

There is something special about Café Sirap in Stockholm. Of course, the brunch is very good, but the pancakes are especially outstanding: real American pancakes, with blueberries and maple syrup. Be careful, it can be very crowded on weekends so make sure you get there early (totally worth it)! This simple and modern café serves a nice brunch, perfect for those who enjoy the classics.

- Veggiebrunch with scrambled eggs and salad
- Brunch with scrambled eggs and bacon
- Brunch with scrambled eggs and sausages
- Brunch with scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages
All those plates are serves with toasts, jam, butter, cream cheese, and blueberry pancakes on demand.

Sandwiches, bagels and wraps are also available.